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Part 1  - 17.09.2019 (10:00)

How to make transactional systems adaptive to continually changing needs

Transactional systems such as ERP or CRM are the backbone of any business. The business environment is changing rapidly, and the ability to adapt quickly is essential for your customers.

What you will learn?

Nothing is more valuable than data, but how many of your customers can truly leverage it in a meaningful way?
We will talk about how to leverage Microsoft BI platform capabilities.

Part 2  - 19.09.2019 (10:00)

How to leverage BI and advanced analytics to improve customer’s competitive advantage

Part 3  - 24.09.2019 (10:00)

How to leverage scaling, failover and functional backup to enable customer’s IT infrastructure for unpredictable changes 

When IT systems are parts of core business processes, any downtime means the risk for your customer’s business.

Part 4  - 26.09.2019 (10:00)

How to make IT infrastructure ready for fast and cost-efficient experimenting

To keep up with competitive pressure and rapid changes, companies have to be very quick in generating new ideas and testing new solutions.

About the speaker

Aldis Erglis

Microsoft MVP, Data Platform

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Aldis Ērglis holds a title of Microsoft Most Valued Professional since 2010 for data platform. Aldis has more than 20-year background with Microsoft technologies and is specializing in data analysis and advanced analytics. Currently, he is a Machine Learning Lab lead at Emergn – an international IT and management consulting company. 

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