New Commerce Experience (NCE)

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What is the timeline?

Why to move to new commerce experience?

The new commerce experience will bring new features, benefits and offers to both, business customers and partners to offer better experience on every level of the customer purchasing cycle. In addition, it will help to eliminate inconsistencies between the programs, for example, availability of certain offers and benefits in Enterprise Agreements but not in CSP e.g. Multi-Geo add-on and multi-year price protection. And there’s more to come.

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With the rapid changes in the customer business needs, Microsoft is transforming its commerce experience to ensure that its customers and partners have consistent, transparent, and optimized experience through all purchasing motions.

Following the changes in the infrastructure offers by introducing the new Azure plans, Microsoft is moving further with the introduction of new commerce experience (NCE) for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform and Windows 365 seat-based offers*. 

Additionally, after a decade of innovations in the product development that has resulted in a significant increase of product value, Microsoft is announcing its first substantive pricing update for Microsoft 365 which is aligned with the new commerce experience timeline and is currently set for March 1st, 2022.

January 2022

March 2022

January 2023

June 2023

As of January 10, 2022, Microsoft has enabled new commerce for seat-based offers. The previous experience (legacy CSP) co-existed with new commerce during transition period for both new and existing customers. 

As of March 2022, new subscription orders are only be possible on the new commerce experience.

From January 2023 Microsoft incentives will be paid only for transactions in the new commerce experience (eligible partners only).

After June 2023 all remaining subscriptions on the legacy experience must be moved to new commerce experience.

Note: Timeline is the subject to change.

How ALSO will support partners?

Of course, changes will require all partners in the channel to adjust their processes, improve capabilities and skills. This might be a bit challenging but don’t worry, we from ALSO are here to support you in every step of this change.

ALSO, as global Indirect Provider is already participating in the new commerce experience (NCE) pilot from a very early-stage. We are currently in the technical preview and we’re working directly with Microsoft developers’ team to ensure that the new commerce experience capabilities are implemented.

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Reseller Kit

Due to the frequent changes within the NCE, we have prepared a reseller kit that’s accessible via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace. It contains download links to all the most up-to-date information, assets and recordings. From now on, it’s your go-to place for all tools and resources. We will continue to update it with the latest information, so be sure to check back regularly.

Link to the Reseller Kit

July 2022

As of the 11th of July 2022, renewal orders made by existing customers must be made within the New Commerce Experience.

Note: Microsoft have cancelled this deadline and will continue to allow auto-renewal on legacy platform.

The Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) for CSP

All partners who would like to transact through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program must sign the Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) which is digitally signed in the Partner Center.

The Microsoft Partner Agreement provides Microsoft partners with a unified, digitally accepted partner agreement. It contains a set of core terms that help Microsoft, partners, and customers support data privacy and security, promote compliance, and encourage fair business practices.

Please ensure that your MPN ID is valid and have been updated in ALSO Cloud Marketplace (go to Your profile -> Overview -> Company Details).

Learn more here about MPA
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