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Transition smoothly to 
the Azure Plan


Out with the old, in with the new

Microsoft describes the change as a ‘new commerce experience.’ The Azure Plan will overall simplify the payment experience and optimise cost control. Simply explained, it will act as a container that can include one or more Azure Subscriptions. At ALSO, we’re happy to help our partners navigate this change.


From June 21, 2021, new customers to the Azure Cloud Solution Provider program will automatically run in the new Azure Plan.

Any Azure subscriptions existing until then will be managed individually.

The new Azure Plan migration begins July 2021. Microsoft is evolving the Azure subscription package to provide added value, simplified pricing, and a more simplistic agreement for both partners and customers. At ALSO, we’ll soon navigate our partners from the current Azure Subscription to the Azure Plan all in due time.

Beginning in 2022, incentive add-ons and margin for the Azure Subscription will stop. You’ll be notified of the phase 2 start date all in good time.


Eventually, all remaining customers of the original Azure offering will be migrated to the new Azure Plan. Again, you’ll know the phase 3 deadline early.


The Azure Plan transition won’t happen suddenly. Take comfort in knowing that it will come in three phases—to ensure a smooth and friction-free process. ALSO can help you make this transition easily and smoothly.

A transition in three phases

Don’t wait to make the transition. Get in touch to learn more about the Azure Plan.

The chart below further clarifies the Azure Plan and Azure Subscription. What are the core differences?

Seize the opportunity, switch to the Azure Plan

A fast move to the Azure Plan is a business growth opportunity. For Azure-focused partners willing to adapt fast, you’ll have the opportunity to

Access your subscription
management easily
in the Azure portal

View a standardized
price list for partners
-added transparency

Diversify into other
sales models (EA, CSP,
Direct, etc.) easily

Better overview of
Azure cost management
for CSPs

Transparent pricing
based on the USD
monthly exchange rate

Full details available on the Azure transition

Want more insight into the Azure transition? Take away the details on what to expect from the transition, added benefits of the Azure Plan, and more

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