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Go to market right now, with ALSO. 


Partnership of Opportunity and resource

Go-to-Market resources are part of ALSO’s comprehensive partner service platform. Our individualized Marketing-as-a-Service allows you to position your services and solutions, generate leads, and accelerate your business's growth.  

Whether  you’re  looking to meet existing customers where they are or bring potential customers further along their  journey, we provide an array of lead generation campaigns, customizable assets, and co-funded programs. We want to enable you to define, build, and deliver your digital marketing strategy.

Amplify Your Business & Accelerate Growth with

ALSO individualized Marketing-as-a-service

(superpowers not required)

"Digital Marketing for real world success"


Our Go-to-Market support plans scale to your needs. From white label marketing resources to long-term, fully automated lead generation campaigns, ALSO has a GTM package right for you! In close alignment with Microsoft and its partners, ALSO GTM packages even include co-funding for programs and initiatives to boost your marketing success..


Get the journey started with customer ready white Label free sales and marketing resources, which are available through your local Microsoft portal under Campaigns.

Customer-ready materials

  • 1-pagers
  • Infographics
  • Sales guides
  • Customer ready email copy
  • Online Banner
  • Social media ad copy
Get access through your local Microsoft Portal

Total Cost: FREE


Need more than core service? Our PROMOTER plan provides everything you need to transform prospect to profit 

Highlights include everything in our  CORE plan plus,

  • Account-based prospecting campaign with co-branded e-book or (on demand) webinar
  • Essential marketing automation
  • One Strategy meeting
  • ALSO content templates
  • Optimization
  • Reporting
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Total Cost: €4.500,00
Cost to Partner: €2.250,00

  • 50% Cost covered by ALSO
  • Prices include media spend


Generate marketing qualified leads and control the journey with our STRATEGIST plan

Includes everything in our CORE and PROMOTER plans plus,

  • Two account-based prospecting campaigns
  • Complete promo material package
  • New and unique partner content
  • Full marketing automation
  • Two Strategy meetings
  • Paid media consultancy 
  • Ongoing optimization
  • Routine reporting
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Total Cost: €10.000,00
Cost to Partner: €5.000,00

  • 50% Cost covered by ALSO
  • Prices include media spend


Access the EXPERT plan to take your digital marketing plan to the top level

Includes everything in our CORE, PROMOTER and STRATEGIST plans plus,

  • Multiple account-based prospecting campaigns
  • Promo material package with paid media ads
  • New and unique partner content, incl. ebooks and whitepapers
  • Full marketing automation
  • Three strategy meetings
  • Paid media consultancy 
  • Ongoing optimization
  • Routine reporting
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Estimated Cost: €15.000,00 +
Cost to Partner: €7.500,00 Individual planning

  • 50% Cost covered by ALSO
  • Prices include media spend


ALSO Modern Marketing Academy

A complete program of 6 training modules to help you become (even more) successful in your role as marketing professional or business owner. Expect to elevate your marketing performance now!

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ALSO Online Presence Assessment

From Search Engine Optimization to sales funnel management and killer Calls-to-Action; there are hundreds of factors that influence the (online) success of an organisation. The Online Presence Assessment provides a clear insight in your current position in today’s market. And concrete recommendations on what you can do to get ahead of your competition.

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On-demand Webinar: Leads Through Marketing 

Get first information in the on-demand webinar presented by our partner IBD Consulting and learn the most important things about lead generation in the cloud business in a short time. Learn more & watch the recording. 

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Developing digital marketing assets does not need to be a monumental task, and there’s no need to go it alone. Digital marketing strategies are like people; no two are the same but are all made of the same components. 

Get in touch and let’s get started!

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