Dynamics 365 Office Hours

If you would like to know about all the important news and updates on the BizApp front, you are in the right place. Register now for the monthly Dynamics 365 Office Hours.

We know that it is difficult to keep track in such a complex world as the Microsoft world. We cover all topics around Business Applications once a month to deliver the essentials to your doorstep. We will talk about news and updates and try to cover areas of relevance on Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Martin Bense, Microsoft Business Application Lead at ALSO Group will host the sessions with 
different internal and external speakers covering their special areas. Stay up to date and sign up for ALSO’s monthly Microsoft Business Applications Office Hours.

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The individual topics will be announced on this page shortly before the live event. Register now for the upcoming sessions or best of all for the whole series. 

11.05.2021 11:00- 11:45

19.05.2021 11:00- 11:45  

08.02.2022 | 9:00-9:45

08.03.2022 | 9:00-9:45

12.04.2022 | 9:00-9:45

10.05.2022 | 9:00-9:45

07.06.2022 | 9:00-9:45



Welcome to ALSO’s monthly Microsoft Business Applications Office Hours!

11.05.2021 11:00- 11:45

19.05.2021 11:00- 11:45  

Topics for 10th May 2022 - shortened session due to sickness

Update on current offerings 

Martin Bense 

Microsoft Business Application Lead at ALSO Group

11.05.2021 11:00- 11:45

19.05.2021 11:00- 11:45  

11.05.2021 11:00- 11:45

19.05.2021 11:00- 11:45  

Guest Speakers from
P2P cooperations, Microsoft, Readiness providers, ISV’s etc.

Your monthly session to get news and updates on all BizApps solutions & align with the experts