The hybrid workplace is here to stay


Bringing Office 365 and Microsoft Teams to the meeting room, wherever it is.

Staying ahead of the curve as a reseller underscores your credibility as a technology provider. There’s no doubt that a lot has changed over the last year, with office workers shifting to remote work scenarios en masse. But as colleagues slowly return to the office, it’s clear that the fully office-based, five-day work week is a thing of the past.

The Partner Opportunity

Microsoft Teams Room

Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium includes a remote management service that enables customers to shift the operational responsibility of managing and monitoring Microsoft Teams Rooms to Microsoft or partners.


Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms lets colleagues meet like they’re in one place – regardless of whether they’re in the office or based remotely. It’s perfect for times like these when the flow of people into the office changes from day to day. 

It presents a fluid experience not limited to place and puts teams in control of when and where they work. Using Microsoft Teams Rooms, each meeting participant gets an equal seat at the table and can engage and collaborate fully, no matter their location.

Microsoft Teams Rooms lets you facilitate a more fluid workspace for your customers, growing your business with value-added services like training, assessment, and device deployment.

The Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard offering, formerly known as the Meeting Room license, enables inclusive and collaborative meeting room experiences across Teams Rooms, collaboration bar, and Surface Hub.

Microsoft Teams Room



Where and how it's used

The room

No two workspaces are alike. Whether it’s a personal office, a large meeting room or a multi-purpose room, Microsoft Teams Rooms is designed with all scenarios in mind. 

For more on rooms, see our space considerations deck.

The technology

Microsoft Teams Rooms works with a range of audio and video solutions, both from Microsoft and third-party providers. Making the right choice helps users get the most from their meetings. 

For more on audio and video, see our technology considerations deck.

Drive customer intent

Seeing is believing, especially when it comes to an audio-visual solution like Microsoft Teams Rooms. Take advantage of Microsoft’s workshop content so you can have targeted conversations with your customers, tailored to their specific business needs. 

Help your customers realise what Microsoft Teams Rooms can do for them through “art of possible” experiences and a deep dive into actionable recommendations. 

The workshop is suitable to be presented either in person or virtually and is completely modular and customisable.

Comprehensive sales and marketing readiness materials


Free Microsoft Teams Rooms webinar

New technologies represent an exciting opportunity for partners, but also something of a challenge. In cooperation with our hardware partner, Poly, our free training session empowers you to not only understand Microsoft Teams Rooms from a technological perspective, but the specific solution it provides your customers with. Moreover, it demonstrates the partner advantage in providing Microsoft Teams Rooms and how it will help you grow your cloud offering.


Frequently asked questions

Microsoft Teams Rooms are purpose-built calling and meeting room solutions that deliver a native Microsoft Teams experience with HD audio and video, on Teams-certified hardware from Microsoft and Microsoft partners (Microsoft Surface Hub, HP, Lenovo, Logitech, and Poly). Teams Rooms deliver consistent, intuitive, and inclusive meeting experiences. 

The Teams Rooms experience is available on select modular, integrated, or all-in-one Teams-certified devices.  Modular solutions consist of a touch-panel control in the center of the room that allows you to manage the meeting without leaving your seat. 

These solutions can pair with certified A/V peripherals enabling customizable configurations that scale to any room size. Integrated solutions are designed for smaller spaces and bring together the speakers, microphones, camera, and computer into a single device that can be mounted on any display. Microsoft certifies hardware and peripherals from industry-leading device manufacturers for use with Microsoft Teams, to ensure reliable, high-quality audio and video experiences.

What are Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard and Premium enable all the licenses needed for Microsoft Teams Rooms while providing customers with two options to manage their devices.

How do the Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard and Premium licenses align to Microsoft Teams Rooms?

What devices are certified for Microsoft Teams?

The managed service enhances the meeting room management experience through expert operations, requiring less time and resources from your IT team. The service provides recommendations from our team, proactive management on your behalf, and knowledge from our entire customer network to ensure you get the most from your environment. This proactive approach to room operations maintains optimal meeting experiences across sites and promotes user satisfaction.

What are the benefits of the managed service included in Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium?

Yes, customers can sign up for a free trial of both licenses in the Microsoft 365 admin portal.

Can I try Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard and Premium before purchasing?

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Hardware Deals

Easily deploy video meetings with Logitech room solutions for Teams Rooms for small, medium, and large room configurations. These pre-configured systems include a mini PC and PC mount with cable retention for a quick and simple setup.


A base Microsoft Teams Room kit for customers with existing or new Microsoft Teams Rooms certified audio and video devices. Ideal for small and medium rooms, Poly G40-T delivers a simple and powerful Microsoft Teams Room experience combined with Poly signature audio and video technologies.